Parent Resources

Parenting Library in my Office:  Feel free to swing by and look through my books to see if there is anything that piques your interest.

In addition to my parent resource library, here are some online resources you may find helpful. 


  • CHADD: Nationally recognized authority on ADHD.  If you are looking for resources on how to support your child with ADHD, this is a great place to start.
  • Back to School AnxietyA good article on how to ease the transition between summer and the start of a new school year. 
  • This government website has some helpful tops for what parents can do to help prevent and stop bullying.  Here's another great resource on bullying that includes kids games and videos.  Yet another helpful article on how to help you child deal with bullying.
  • Teaching Tolerance: This is a great resource for ideas on how to help your child be more thoughtful and accepting of others.
  • GLSEN, whose mission is to "create safe and affirming schools for all, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression"
General Parenting:

  • Kids Health KidsHealth has doctor-approved articles, animations, games, and resources to help kids and parents learn more about their bodies and stay healthy.
  • The National Parenting Center This site includes a parenting corner and numerous informative articles about parenting at all developmental stages. Articles are divided into categories of learning, physical development, behavior and emotional issues, and tough issues.
  • One Tough Job: This site provides helpful general parenting resources and ideas.

  • Annaka Harris has some great listening activities for kids.  There are other resources on her site as well, but I use the listening activities the most with kids.
  • Cosmic Kids Zen Den is a simple introduction to mindfulness for kids.  It is geared towards a bit of a younger population, but I do find it useful in breaking down the process.
  • Go Zen is a subscription service.  I have heard amazing things about this program, though I have not used it with kids myself.  Parents and families have expressed how helpful it has been for their kids, but it is something you have to pay for.
  • Sitting Still Like a Frog by Eline Snel is a nice book that has numerous mindful exercises for kids and families that I use when working with kids.  It also comes with an CD of different exercises.
  • The Mindful Child is another book by Susan Kaiser Greenland.  It does a good job of explaining how and why mindfulness is important for kids and lists some activities as well.  She has a new activity book coming out too, which I have pre-ordered!  Her website has some good things as well.
  • A Still Quiet Place by Amy Saltzman, MD A mindfulness program for teaching children and adolescents (I have this in my room) I have used some bits of pieces from this program.

Positive Character Development:

  • Asset Development: From the Search Institute. You will find ways to encourage your child to build assets that help them avoid making risky choices. The more assets a person has, the less likely he/she is to engage in risky behaviors.
  • Vermont Department of Health: A great resource for drug and alcohol prevention information, local support services and other general information parents should be aware of.

School Counseling: 

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