Role and Goals

As the school counselor at Marion Cross, I am available every day for students, parents and teachers. My role is to support students' development and success academically, personally and socially through home-school collaboration, classroom guidance, individual counseling and small group support. 

My goals are to:

  • Assist students in developing a positive self-image
  • Support students in identifying personal strengths and challenges, both personally and academically
  • Teach students conflict resolution, decision making, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Support students in dealing with personal concerns
  • Promote tolerance and respect for oneself and others
  • Assist students in developing an understanding of the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behavior
  • Promote goal-setting and assessment of one's learning style
  • Develop a strong home-school connection
  • Coordinate with community agencies to support student success
  • Help students to make informed, healthy choices that positive affect themselves and others
  • Work with students, parents, teachers and staff to create a safe environment for students to learn and feel connected

In addition to serving as the school counselor at MCS, I also serve as the 504 coordinator and work closely with Joy Smollin at our front desk to ease with the transition for students and families in and out of MCS.  

Please contact me at any time with suggestions, questions or concerns through email at or by phone at 802-649-1703

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