Friday, January 5, 2018


This week at REP, students in Ms. Biolsi's 6th grade class presented a fun movie trailer about kindness.  It was such a great way to present little snippets of ways to practice kindness in everyday life.  I hope you get a chance to stop by the main entrance of MCS to take a peek at the creative video.  An act of kindness is an easy way to make someone's day; it's free and makes the giver and receiver feel great.  We work hard at MCS to encourage kindness and this year, even have a kindness owl, whose feather's show a physical representation of kindnesses noticed throughout the school.  Each grade level has a different color feather, and when students notice an act of kindness from one of their classmates, they put a feather in their class kindness jar.  These feathers are then collected and displayed on our MCS kindness owl.  What do you do to practice kindness in your family?  You can share funny stories with each other, give hugs, volunteer, the possibilities are endless.  I hope you are able to spread the kindness around to those you love and even to strangers.  Pass it on!  It's free and positively contagious!  Here are a few videos to get you motivated.

Kid President on Kindness

Kindness Boomerang

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