Monday, October 9, 2017


Over the course of the year, I will be creating little videos with students that highlight the MCS school motto RROCKS (RROCKS stands for: Respect, Responsibility, Ownership, Cooperation, Kindness and Safety).  These videos will be presented at monthly school wide REPs.  When thinking about positive student traits, respect is one we certainly hope kids at MCS understand and show in and out of school.  We also asked students to wear blue to show that they work hard to be respectful throughout their lives.  You can encourage respect with your kids by talking about examples of respect you've seen, pointing out real life examples in the community, and modeling respectful behavior yourself.  You can see our video playing on the screen at the main entrance.  Be on the lookout for our next video on Responsibility, which will be posted on the MCS announcement TV next month.

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