Sunday, October 29, 2017


This month at our school wide REP, we talked about Responsibility.  Ms. Biolsi's 6th grade class helped to create the responsibility video that you can see posted on the front TV display in the MCS lobby.  Students showed examples of how to be responsible around MCS and talked about taking responsibility and doing the right thing, even if what you are taking responsibility for doesn't belong to you.

You can continue the discussion and focus on responsibility at home by noting when your own child is being responsible and pointing out those moments to them.  You can also use examples of taking responsibility in the media as a way to engage in discussion.  This article has ideas on ways to have your kids practice responsibility around the house. Keep growing responsible citizens!  Next up, is ownership, be on the lookout for an update on that here next month.

Monday, October 9, 2017


Over the course of the year, I will be creating little videos with students that highlight the MCS school motto RROCKS (RROCKS stands for: Respect, Responsibility, Ownership, Cooperation, Kindness and Safety).  These videos will be presented at monthly school wide REPs.  When thinking about positive student traits, respect is one we certainly hope kids at MCS understand and show in and out of school.  We also asked students to wear blue to show that they work hard to be respectful throughout their lives.  You can encourage respect with your kids by talking about examples of respect you've seen, pointing out real life examples in the community, and modeling respectful behavior yourself.  You can see our video playing on the screen at the main entrance.  Be on the lookout for our next video on Responsibility, which will be posted on the MCS announcement TV next month.

Friday, October 6, 2017


I created this blog as a way for people to learn a bit about the school counseling program at Marion Cross School.  I will be trying to update monthly; but the main reason I created it was so others could know what my role is at MCS and so they could have access to my pages located on the right sidebar, as there may be some information you find useful or helpful there.

Welcome Back!

It has been so wonderful watching students come back to MCS this past week.  Their excitement and energy is truly contagious and has me look...